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Don't Leave Your Toys Out in the Weather

got indoor boat storage?

You love your car, boat, or camper and want it to look great and last a long time, right?

So here are your options:

Leave the boat in the garage all winter long and have the kids ding it when they pull out the sleds, and snow shovels?

Leave the boat outside with a cheap cover over it? Yeah, the neighbors love that!

Leave the boat at a mini storage place and spend more money paying month to month?

Leave the boat with us!!!!!!!!

Indoor Storage for your Car, Boat on Trailer, RV, PWC, Camper,

or Snowmobile on Trailer

All our metal storage buildings are the same except flooring. Some storage buildings have concrete floors and other storage buildings have gravel floors (There is a price difference between the two floorings).

Our employees will have the only keys to the storage buildings, so you must call at least 24 hours in advance of taking out or bringing in any vehicle or boat.

Cars will be parked and locked by you in your individual parking space. You take the car keys home with you. Most cars can be removed during the winter.

Your boat is assigned a parking space as it arrives for winter storage. After a boat is brought in, another boat (s) will be parked in front of it.

Therefore most boats cannot be removed before April 1. If you need to remove your boat earlier, please note it on your reservation, and tell the parking attendant when you bring your boat in for winter storage.

Security is our top priority!

That's why we operate in stealth mode. There are no signs on the exterior of our windowless buildings. It looks like a non-descript industrial facility. Inside there are motion and trip sensors connected to a UL listed monitoring facility!

We know you value your property. So do we.  That's why we use security systems from T & S Security exclusively. We demand the very best!

Hours    We are open Monday through Saturday with an appointment and 24hr notice.

Our Saturday hours vary during the year. During spring and fall we are in the office more than the summer and winter seasons, and we are closed on Sunday!

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Telephone 1 (815) 909-6411 texting welcomed

Postal address 23715 W Rolf Rd. Plainfield, IL 60586

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